Job Market


Job Market is a place where volleyball players, coaches and scouts can insert their Profile when looking for a new club. Also players playing for some club in this moment can insert their Profile into Job Market. WorldofVolley is not a volleyball agency and we do not manage players, coaches or scouts inserted in Job Market. For the persons representing them, browse each Profile, tab Contact.


Before you insert your player, coach or scout's Profile into Job Market, be sure you create your professional volleyball Profile. If you already have created your Profile like player, coach or scout, please log in with your username and password, and click on the button Add to Job Market under your Profile's avatar. Like this, you insert your Profile into Job Market. You should do the same thing to put out your Profile from Job Market by clicking on Remove from Job Market button under your avatar.


On Job Market Home Page you can find some Featured Players, Coaches and Scouts from the list of all available Job Market members. If you are manager/agency and you want your players to be visible in this place, please contact us.

Use filters on every page inside Job Market to narrow your search for the cathegory you browse. When you find the member that interests you, please use Profile's tab Contact to get in touch with that member. 

For any other question, please visit WoV Help&FAQ.


Ivan Zaytsev
Maxwell Philip Holt
Matey Iliyanov Kaziyski
Osmany Juantorena Portuondo
Earvin N'Gapeth
Tatiana Kosheleva
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Eraghi
51943 Total
1791 Claimed
40614 Players
6071 Coaches
247 Agents
6347 Teams


Do not make new profile, claim existing one from WoV PROFILES data base!
Andrija Geric
Veljko Petković
Saša Starović
Mihajlo Mitić