• What do I get paying for the Full subscription on WorldofVolley?
    • Profiles database: 35,000+ professional profiles of volleyball players, coaches, scouts, managers, clubs and national teams. Each profile has personal (info, photos and direct contact details) and professionals details (clubs, NTs, stats, videos and contact details*). Also you get the possibility to set email notifications inside your profile to receive allerts about latest stats and videos
    • WoVVideo database: video database of 5,500+ tecnical videos of volleyball games: friendly, tournaments and national championships' videos. View or download games from the video database
    • Stats: individual, games and teams' statistic details. All information are taken from DataVolley Match Reports.
  • Which WoV feature should I choose?

If you are a volleyball fan, Profiles and WoVVideo will suite you best. Check your favorite player's profiles and watch them play. If you are more into volleyball like professional player, coach, volleyball manager or team president, full subscription would satisfy all your professional volleyball needs.

  • Is it safe to pay on WorldofVolley website?

WorldofVolley use PayPal system for both payPal and credit card payments so you can be 100% sure.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription is on 12-months basis. You can simply not renew it once it has expired.

  • How much do I have to pay if I have already bought only one WoV Feature and now I'd like a full subscription?

From your previous subscription, the price for the remaining months will be deducted from the total price for the Full subscription automaticly.

  • When can I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription in the last 30 days period but also after the expiration date.

  • If I don't renew the subscription, will my creadit card be charged in automatic for the next 12-months subscription?

Apsolutelly NO! You will be notified 30 days before the expiration date. You'll have to insert your card or PayPal details once againg to continue using WorldofVolley website services.

  • I have a problem with my subscription. What should I do?

For any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us in any moment.


*before you subscribe on PROFILES, check specific Profile's GENERAL tab to see if contact details are available


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Osmany Juantorena Portuondo
Matthew John Anderson
Sir Safety Conad Perugia
Brankica Mihajlović
Zhu Ting
51950 Total
1791 Claimed
40609 Players
6071 Coaches
246 Agents
6344 Teams


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