• What is "Championships"?

Championships is a list of important competitions and results from around the world. The results are inserted after the game. If you want to follow the results in real time, use Livescores.

  • Where can I bet on Championships?

We currently do not have a betting section on WorldofVolley, there are however various betting institutions live and online where you can bet on the outcome of various volleyball competitions, including many of the major championships, as over the past couple of years volleyball betting has increased in popularity. Online bookmaker Betway, puts odds on various volleyball competitions. If you are of age and legally allowed, try their live betting.

  •  I can see only a few games in the Championships. Why?

You can see only the games that are scheduled to be played today. 

  • How can I see all the games from one championship?

To see all games from one championship, click on the name of the champioship from the list.


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