Joksimovic Sasa

"When WorldofVolley website started to appear in the volleyball community, I have found a piece that was missing in understanding and analyzing better the current volleyball puzzle. 

Direct, true and always ahead of the others, the information I receive from WoV are a treasure I can use in all the spheres of volleyball play. Players' analysis, coaches and players' status, games' videos in HD are available in every moment and their upload is almost in real time. 

Availability of the information but also the visibility is something that impressed me from the begining! That's why I have  bookmarked WoV on the first place on my computer, because if you want to be the best, you have to join the best and that's definately WorldofVolley and all the people around who manage it!"

Joksimović Saša, scoutman Serbian Men's Volleyball Federation

Stefano Recine

"Amazing website! Videos, stats and a lot of latest news make my job easier!"

Stefano Recine, team manager 




George Matijasevic

"WoV has become a very important source of information regarding transfers and news about clubs and national teams. They have a very strong presence in social media which facilitates and accellerates the flow of the information.

This the area we use WoV website the most. Also, during a negotitation process, players use WoV videos in order to show to the coaches their best games."

Georges Matijašević, owner of LZSport-pro agency 


I visit volleyball websites and WoV has many important and useful volleyballl information for us coaches, scouts and players. I like to read the news because they are always exclusive"                                                                                               

Andrea Anastasi, Italian coach




    Giovanni Giudetti

 "WorldofVolley is good and different! You can find all what is happening in the world of volleyball but at the same time also lots of differents topics that are very usefull in my job. Stats, video, lates news, information about players...“                                                                                                                                                      

            Giovanni Giudetti, coach of VakifBank ISTANBUL



In my opinion WoV is on it's way to become the best site about volleyball, with all it's interaction with the fans and also players. It is completely different from what I've ever seen! Accurate and fast information for volleyball lovers, and also making the user connected to the site with all those nice attractions like post your picture with your idol and stuff like this!"                                                                                                                               

                                                            Felipe Fonteles Brazilian player















Julia Milovits"WoV is good because we can find any information. If I`m in position to know what is happening in a different kind of league for sure I will check WorldofVolley site because it`s updating all the time."                                            Julia Milovits, Serbian player



Shanice Marcelle “WoV is a great website for information on other players and clubs to stay connected with volleyball all over the world. It's an amazing site to help grow the game of volleyball through exposure.”                               Shanice Marcelle Canadian player



Mark Plotyczer"The Worldofvolley is website fully committed to volleyball community.  I access it almost every day as it gives direct news about scores, players and teams. It’s difficult to find a website (and twitter) with such dedication to our sport!”                                                                                                                                                          Mark Plotyczer British player

Sheilla Castro"I like the WorldofVolley because in this website you can see and find the news from entire world. It’s a good way to know what happens in the all parts of the world."                                                                                 Sheilla Castro, Brazilian player

Atanasijevic"Very often I visit this websites because WoV has many important and useful volleyballl information for all of us who are in this sport. I like to read the news because they are always exclusive and to watch fun video and with good moves ... especially games on WoVVideo"                                                                                                      Aleksandar Atanasijević, Serbian player


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