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WorldofVolley is volleyball information database which delivers to volleyball fans, players, coaches, managers and clubs latest volleyball news in one unique language (english). Articles, transfers, players and coaches profiles, games, results, videos, statistics and etc. are delivered 24/7 and are only a part of the information you can find on WoV.

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WorldofVolley also tries to become a trustable source inside professional volleyball community: volleyball players, volleyball clubs and volleyball managers. That's why we have created WoV Community, database of +32,000 profiles of professional players, coaches, scouts and managers.

WoVVideo is a database of +5,600 volleyball games' technical videos. New games' videos are uploaded every day thanks to a worldwide network of volleyball scouts.


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Page views: 3,097,526 (+158% compared to the same period for the previous year)

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Poland 66,244 (+137%)

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Brasil 49,680 (+165%)

France 44,060 (+270%)


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Osmany Juantorena Portuondo
Itas Trentino
Amir Ghafour
VakifBank ISTANBUL ( W )
Lonneke Slöetjes
Fenerbahçe ISTANBUL ( W )
Eczacıbaşı ISTANBUL ( W )
Milad Ebadipour Gharahassanlou
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1791 Claimed
40615 Players
6071 Coaches
247 Agents
6347 Teams


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