• Who can upload video?

Only SCOUTS can upload technical videos. To become a scout, you have to create WoV Scout Profile.

  • Can I upload video of the game from the TV?

No. You can upload only scout's technical video made by scout during the game. Other videos will not be published and you will not get payed.

  • What is scout's technical video?

Scout's technical video is a video recorded during one volleyball match by official scout.

  • How do I upload technical video?

1. Sign in on WorldofVolley and create WoV Scout Profile



2. Go to

3. Choose a game you want to upload from CHAMPIONSHIPS list

4. Click ADD VIDEO button

5. Browse your computer and upload technical video file of the game 


2. In your WoV Scout Profile, go to SCOUTING tab

3. Click on ADD VIDEO button

4. Follow the instructions and find the game you want to upload

5. Browse your computer and upload video file of the game

  • I can not see ADD VIDEO button. Why?
You can not see ADD VIDEO button because you are not signed in on WorldofVolley like scout. First create WoV Account and then from Account Settings>Choose Profession select SCOUT. Finish the process and after try once again to upload video.
  • I can see SOON label over video part in SHAMPIONSHIPS list I want to upload. What is this?
SOON label means that somebody else has already started to upload that game before you. You have to choose another game.
  • How do I upload Data Volley Match Report from the game?

First you have to upload the game. After you have uploaded the game, go to your WoV Scout Profile and in SCOUTING tab choose ADD PDF button related to the game you have previously uploaded.

  • It takes a lot of time to upload one game. Why?

The upload speed depends a lot on your internet connection speed. Usually, it takes around 3-4h. Please take in consideration that after upload, technical video has to be converted for PC, tablet and smartphones and this operation takes around 1h. After this, video is ready to be reviewed and published by system administrator. 

  • The video has been uploaded very fast (around 1 minute), but is still showing UPLOADING
Delete the game you are trying to upload from SCOUTING tab in your WoV Community Scout Profile and start the whole process again.
  • I have uploaded video but it is not published yet. Why?

Due to a large number of video uploads, it takes about 24h to review your video. Only uploaded videos complying with WoV Terms video will be published.

  • How do I know video I have uploaded has been published?

Go to your WoV Scout Profile and in SCOUTING tab check the status of upload. If you don't have WoV Scout Profile, please create it first.

  • How do I get payed for videos I upload?

Payment is made every 15th of the month for the previous month. You get payed only for PUBLISHED videos. After you finish upload of your first video, send message to "WorldofVolley Team" through your WoV Account - MAIL - NEW MESSAGE button and in text body insert your PAYPAL account information. 

  • I have technical videos to upload, but I can not find them in WoV CHAMPIONSHIPS list?

If there are no games from that championship or tournament in CHAMPIONSHIPS list, please contact us.


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