BPR (Bad Payment Report)


BPR (Bad Payment Report) makes a part of the Profiles database. BPR helps players get more information about one club's payings during one season. BPR doesn't necessary have to mean negative vote or comment. Also positive votes and comments are welcome. Leave 1 for very bad and 10 for excellent economic situation in your club.


Important: All votes and comments are anonymous!

BPR Home page:

BPR main page shows a list of last votes and comments that Profiles database players have left. To find more information about the particular club you are interested in, use search options. If you have any doubts, please click on Report Abuse button to inform WorldofVolley. 


To leave a vote:

  • sign in on WorldofVolley website
  • from account settings choose profession: volleybal player 
  • upload your passport, ID or driving license photo for your identity check

Your document will be controlled by our administrators and, if the names match, in 24h will become active and visible in Profiles database.

Once your Profile becomes active:

  • add your volleyball club's and other details
  • wait until your club(s) confirm your request for connection (something like Facebook's friend request) 

Once the club you have inserted into your Profile confirms the relation 2ith you, you'll get a WoV Message to leave a BPR for that specific club for the season you spent in the club. 

Remember: You can leave BPR only for the clubs that confirm connection with your Profile. Confirmation of the request means you have played for that club in that season. If the club don't do that, you won't be able to leave BPR!

For current season, WoV will ask you to leave a vote and comment once a month. You can leave the vote for the previous seasons as well. If you have inserted a valid email address, periodically you will receive an email notification to leave BPR. 

Be advised once again that all votes and comments are anonymous!!!


Beside leaving the vote and comment, if you are logged on WoV as a player, browse other clubs' Profiles for tab BPR, where you can find the votes and comments other players  left. That info might help you get a better idea about the club's economic situation. Only confirmed players can leave and browse BPR.


Be onest. Choose the words you write in the comment. Help others so the others help you. (All comments are monitored and will be deleted if they don't respect WoV Terms. Your account can also be suspended temporally or forever).


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