WoV Features

WorldofVolley created features to satisfy the real needs of volleyball professionals. Profiles database members are also welcome to participate!

  • CLAIM - there are more than 35,000 profiles inside Profiles database. Have you found your Profile already created? Sign in on WorldofVolley and click on Claim button and manage this Profile by yourself!
  • INVITE - invite people to claim their Profile or others you know to join WoV. Send them a direct email from your profile.
  • BPR (Bad Payment Report, only for players) - votes and comments about how is your club paying the players. To leave vote and comment follow this steps:
    • sign in on WoV and create professional Profile
    • insert your club in your Profile
    • make sure your club has already verified this request
    • check tab BPR of your club's Profile 
    • leave a vote (1 for very bad and 10 for excelent) and a text comment about how is your club paying you. 

You can also leave the vote for the previous seasons. If you have left us a valid email address, periodically you will receive email notification to leave BPR. All votes and comments are anonymous!

  • MESSAGES - Profiles database users can send and receive messages between them and also receive requests (relation verifications between Profiles). First message from somebody goes to Requests. To  continue to exchange messages with that user, click on "Accept" button and next messages from that user will arrive in your Inbox. Otherwise, click "Ignore" or "Reject". For more about this search Help&FAQ.
  • JOB MARKET (for volleyball players, coaches and scouts) - If you are a free professional volleyball player, coach or scout and you are searching for a new club, add your Profile in our Job Market. Click on Add to Job Market button under your profile's photo in your Profile. In case you want to change your club during the current season, you can also add your profile on Job Market.
  • STATISTIC - Latest player's and club's volleyball statistic data. For season's averidge and more about player's or club's statistic, browse player's and club's Profiles.
  • WoVVIDEO - database of volleyball games' technical videos made by volleyball scouts during one volleyball game. All videos are classified in championships or tournaments. Videos can be found also inside each players and clubs' Profiles.
  • WoVPoints - Collect WoV points browsing worldofvolley.com and get reward!


 For more information about WoV Features, check our Help&FAQ.


Cucine Lube Civitanova
Fenerbahçe ISTANBUL
Wilfredo Leon Venero
Kim Yeon-Koung
Imoco Volley CONEGLIANO ( W ) Prosecco Doc-Imoco CONEGLIANO ( W )
Kimberly Hill
Zhu Ting
51943 Total
1791 Claimed
40615 Players
6071 Coaches
247 Agents
6347 Teams


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Andrija Geric
Veljko Petković
Saša Starović
Mihajlo Mitić