WorldofVolley's idea was to collect information about professional volleyball players, coaches, clubs, managers. The result is Profiles' database with more than 35,000 profiles, each one with personal and career details, stats, videos and contact.

Professional volleyball players, coaches, scouts and volleyball managers can also make their own profile and join volleyball Profiles' database. To avoid creating double profiles, existing profiles can be claimed and managed by the persons these profiles represent.

Profiles' database is updated regularly. We use only official volleyball sources. We do not use information from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) nor from personal webpages.


Some profiles can have all personal details included, while others may only have first and last name. Before you sign in, check if the profile you are interested in has information you are looking for.

We recommend you to expand your search to all Profiles'  subcategories in order to find excactly what you are looking for.

Please, report any information error inside Profiles' database.

Create volleyball Profile:

WorldofVolley recommend only professional players, coaches, scouts and managers create volleyball Profile.

Please, browse Profiles' database before you start to create volleyball Profile. You can:

  • Claim existing profile
  • Create new profile
  • Claim existing WoV Community profile

If you find profile with your name inside WoV Community database, click on Claim button among the small buttons on the main page. Upload photo of your passport, ID or driving licence to confirm your identity (more details about privacy in WoV Privacy Policy).

  • Create new WoV Community profile

If there is no professional volleyball Profile with your name, sign in on WoV  and go to Choose profession in your Account Settings. Avoid making double profiles.


Our goal is to allow personal managing of profiles inside Profiles database. By using the Claim function, you can overtake player, coach and scout Profile. You can Claim your professional Profile anytime after by clicking on Claim button under your Profile's avatar picture.

Club and national teams' Profiles are managed by WorldofVolley and cannot be claimed!

Profile's tabs:

Each Profile includes several Tabs:

  • General - personal details (date of birth, place of birth, for agencies date of foundation etc.)
  • Clubs (players, coaches and scouts) - previous and current player's clubs. Club's achievements for single year can be found here as well
  • National team (players, coaches and scouts) - previous and current player's national team. National team's achievements for single year can be found here as well
  • Statistics (players and clubs) - past and current personal statistics' details. Automaticly updated by WoV
  • WoVVideo - videos of the games you have played uploaded from WoVVideo database. If there are no videos with you, no videos will be visible. Videos are uploaded by WoV and associated scouts
  • Contact - personal (or official) and/or manager/agency(for players) contact details
  • News - related news from WoV NEWS section
  • Personal video - you can upload your personal video or you can add Embed Code (code that adds a browser plugin or widget to your page) of your video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • Personal photos - upload your personal photos

WoV Community features:

  • Send messages* - send direct messages to more than 2,000 other Profiles database's users
  • Claim profile - avoid creating double profiles and take over the existing one
  • Invite - invite people you know to claim their Profile or simply to visit WorldofVolley webpage
  • Print - if necessary, print the entire profile with all it's tabs
  • Share - share profile's information with other people via email

*Not all the Profiles have a valid email contact. WorldofVolley target is to make all Profiles available for contact. That's why we invite you to use WoV's INVITE feature! To send a WoV Message you'll also have to create professional Profile.


Ivan Zaytsev
Asseco Resovia RZESZOW
VakifBank ISTANBUL ( W )
Jenia Grebennikov
Earvin N'Gapeth
Fenerbahçe ISTANBUL ( W )
Kim Yeon-Koung
Brankica Mihajlović
51950 Total
1791 Claimed
40609 Players
6071 Coaches
246 Agents
6344 Teams


Do not make new profile, claim existing one from WoV PROFILES data base!
Andrija Geric
Veljko Petković
Saša Starović
Mihajlo Mitić