• Why should I claim my WoV Profile?
  1. Avoid creating double WoV profile. Some WoV profiles have already many details inserted like  personal details, videos, statistic, etc. Why start from the beggining?
  2. Read messages other WoV members (players, coaches, managers, etc.) send you. Somebody might have something important for you.
  3. Your manager/agency sent you a connection Request. Make others contact you quickly.
  • How can I claim my WoV Profile?
  • Browse WoV. When you find WoV Profile with your name click on "CLAIM" button under profile's avatar and you will be asked to upload your personal document (passport, ID or driving licence) for your identification. Find more information about this in our Privacy Policy.

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Ivan Miljkovic
Maxwell Philip Holt
Matey Iliyanov Kaziyski
Asseco Resovia RZESZOW
Amir Ghafour
Jenia Grebennikov
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi Eraghi
Imoco Volley CONEGLIANO ( W ) Prosecco Doc-Imoco CONEGLIANO ( W )
51943 Total
1791 Claimed
40614 Players
6071 Coaches
247 Agents
6347 Teams


Do not make new profile, claim existing one from WoV PROFILES data base!
Andrija Geric
Veljko Petković
Saša Starović
Mihajlo Mitić